December 6, 2018 in SculpSure

Give Your Muffin Top the Boot

Fighting the battle of the belly bulge? You’re not alone. The stubborn muffin top – a roll of fat that’s visible when wearing tight-fitting, low-waisted pants – can happen at any age, but tends to become more of a problem as we get older. Changing hormone levels are often to blame, as they can cause an increased storage of fat in the stomach area.

To get rid of it, you have to do more than the standard treadmill and sit-ups. A combination of diet, strength training and cardio tends to work best. High intensity workouts are a good option for reducing both the fat you can pinch and the fat that covers internal organs in the abdomen. Interval training, also known as HIIT (high intensity interval training), alternates short spurts of intense activity with brief recovery periods. This can help you burn overall fat, while exercises like kickboxing, jumping side to side, squats and lunges can tighten your midsection.

As for food intake, avoid fast and processed foods. Muffin tops also love sugar, as excess sugar is easily converted into fat. Go for balanced meals with a lot of plant foods instead – vegetables, legumes and lean proteins like fish or poultry (not fried!). High-fiber veggies, in particular, will help fill you up on fewer calories.

Make sure you get enough sleep and manage stress, too. When you’re stressed out or don’t sleep enough, stress hormones cause your body to store more excess fat. Skipping meals can also stress your system, so try to eat small meals every three to four hours.

Still dealing with that stubborn fat that won’t budge even with diet and exercise? SculpSure, the world’s first FDA-cleared treatment for non-surgical body contouring of the love handles and abdomen, may be an option for you. SculpSure can treat those remaining trouble spots in just 25 minutes with no surgery or downtime. Results are typically seen in six to 12 weeks, with up to 24 percent reduction in stubborn fat1.

However you choose to fight the battle of the belly bulge, make sure you get all of the information you need to make the decision that’s right for you.

Credit: SculpSure

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