January 2, 2019 in SculpSure

A Legit Way to Lose Extra Fat in 25 Minutes? Yes!!!

We all want the very best in as little time and with as little effort as possible. We are human after all. And having a great body is no exception. So, if there was a non-invasive laser that worked in minutes and sculpted our problem areas, wouldn’t it be too good to be true? One would think – but it’s not. SculpSure is the real deal, and it’s here. It is among a variety of cutting-edge non-invasive lipolysis treatments including CoolSculpting, Thermage, UltraShape and Zerona to name a few. Noninvasive treatments to blast fat include light-based lasers, ultrasound and freezing and SculpSure is one of the newest in the light-based laser category.

As the newest of the noninvasive lasers that can melt fat, SculpSure is said to accomplish this feat in as little as 25 minutes with the promise of no pain and no downtime. Ideal for the flanks and abdomen, (areas where as we know, fat can be very stubborn), SculpSure uses it’s hyperthermic laser to reduce fat and over time the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells, with results apparent in most patients at around the 6-week mark and optimal results usually seen by the 12-week mark.

Patients are able to resume everyday activities immediately afterwards, so it’s actually a legitimate lunchtime treatment option for fat melting,” says Ulysses H. Scarpidis, MD a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City.

How it works
Everything involving lasers sounds fairly intense and technically above our heads, but this is actually pretty simple – and fast! “SculpSure has 4 applicators that attach to the skin with straps. Using lasers, fat cells are injured several centimeters beneath the skin surface without damaging the skin. Over the following few weeks the patient’s own immune system clears out the injured fat. Up to 24% of fat cells are destroyed in the treatment area with just one 25-minute procedure,” says Dr. Scarpidis.

24% is a lot, and that’s just one session. With more sessions, you’ll see even greater results. “While most patients only undergo one session, some patients may elect to treat the same area again to destroy even more fat cells. Stacking treatments may help patients achieve the ultimate sculpted look painlessly, without surgery or downtime,” explains Dr. Scarpidis.

Is it for you?
“Body contouring is not a replacement for a healthy diet. SculpSure allows us to reshape the body and re-contour troublesome bulges, however it does not prevent patients from gaining weight thereafter. Fat cells don’t multiply the same way that other cells in the body do. Instead, fat cells grow in size as one gains weight. When an area is treated with liposuction or SculpSure, some fat cells are destroyed and the body is reshaped. If a patient gains a few pounds, there will be more fat cells in other parts of the body to absorb the extra calories so the treatment area generally remains unaffected. However, when a patient gains significant weight, the remaining fat cells in the treatment area also grow, giving the impression that the fat cells came back,” says Dr. Scarpidis.

Best results
Aesthetic body contouring, whether from SculpSure or liposuction, is best maintained with a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine. “Ideal patients for SculpSure are within 10-20 pounds of their ideal weight. We recommend patients drink plenty of water after their procedure to help expel the fat,” notes Dr. Scarpidis.

Of course, even with the best tools at your disposal, the best way to have and maintain a great physique is also to eat right and exercise consistently in addition to any treatments you may invest in.

Credit: Smart Beauty Guide

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